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Beara Black Cask Blend Irish Whiskey Deluxe Gift Box


Hand selected casks at the Great Northern Distillery, our Black Cask Blend Whiskey is finished in Beara with the infusion of clear spring waters from the Caha Mountains that divide the peninsula and separate Cork and Kerry, before being carefully bottled.

Beara Irish Whiskey is a unique blend of single malt and extra char cask finished single grain Irish Whiskeys. Hearty pot still notes with some spice and a hint of melon & ginger. Full bodied with soft delicate sherry undertones, toasted wood, perfectly balanced with fruit, spice and some chocolate notes.

It can best be enjoyed neat, with ice or with just a splash of water to open up the rich malt and toasted oak flavours.

Beara Black Cask Blend Irish Whiskey, presented in a deluxe gift box with a 70cl bottle, 2 Beara Distillery drinking glasses and Beara Whiskey Lorge Chocolate Delights.

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